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So you want to get to know me a little better, well let me tell you about myself...

I am currently running a company called Causer Technology. A website design and technology development company devoted to creating excellent products. My passion for this company is to be much bigger than it is. I want this company to make an impact locally. My passion for technology has naturally led me to wanting to bring in to a place where man can meet machine and get along. I believe this can only happen through education, practice and beauty. Growing up I could see beauty in computer software and computer hardware. Now I want to go further and make, build and create better, more beautiful designs, new and innovative products and do something no one ever thought possible. The website business is only the start; Causer Technology has a lot more up its sleeves. So if you're looking for a new website, don't be afraid to contact me!

I have a lot of passion in music and art. From listening to playing, music is just another expression of my creative self. From an early age I taught myself to play guitar and write music. It is important for music to have a reason, a depth and not just some geometric form. That's why I love writing music that has a story and a meaning. The two layers combined create something meaningful that lasts at least to me. I love sound, from adjusting, cranking to forming my own. Every beat means something to me and I won't just dismiss it. I am always learning more about my guitar and am currently honing my skills in on the piano and electric guitar. My favorite kind of music is folk music but appreciate I all music in its art. In art I love to draw the world around me from the small details to the bigger picture. Working in the paint industry selling paint, recommending colors and finding what goes with each customer is always a thrilling moment each time because it allows me to help someone to create something that can inspire and impact people in ways that they did not imagine.

I studied at the University of Ottawa from 2008 to 2012 for a degree in Computer Engineering. I have always loved computers and anything technical. Computer Engineering is the study of Electrical circuits, the kind that makes up your computer, and how to design them. From electricity, to programming, to problem solving, computer engineering covers a lot. I have always loved computers and how they function. My mind always asks how it works. I started Causer Technology to fully express something that I felt inside me while study at the university. I wanted to empower and create in a practical way that I enjoyed.





I am the CEO and Owner of Causer Technology. For more information on this company head over to:

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